Our Publishing Program

Our books give a fresh perspective on what and how we eat through good stories,
beautiful writing, and a deep appreciation of food cultures.

Our Mission

“I've been involved in children's book publishing for 20 years and ‘literacy’ is a frequently used term to describe the basic knowledge of reading and writing. Literacy is the foundation of communication. Yet, this foundation is often missing in the discussion of our food ways. We believe that by gaining basic knowledge about where our food comes from, we can have a better appreciation of what we eat, make better food choices, and make a positive impact on our body, our mind, our community, and the world. After all, interest in food has no boundaries. Together, we can create and celebrate a rich, healthy, diverse, and inclusive food culture.”

-Philip Lee, Publisher

For Authors & Artists:

We publish books for children and families, both fiction and non-fiction, telling stories about our food system and eating habits that encourage thought and discussion.


    We are currently accepting book proposals with sample chapters (or full text for picture books if under 1,500 words) and art samples. Please send inquires or non-returnable art samples to the following address:

    ATTN: Editorial
    12437 SE 26th Place
    Bellevue, WA 98005

    Publishing Info


    U.S. Distribution to Bookstores and Retail Gift Sales

    Publishers Group West
    1700 Fourth Street
    Berkeley, CA 94710

    Orders: 800. 788. 3123
    Fax: 800. 351. 5073


    Publishers Group Canada
    559 College Street, Unit 402
    Toronto, Ontario
    M6G 1A9 Canada

    Orders: 800. 747. 8147 (Canada)
    416. 934. 9900 (USA)
    Fax: 416. 934. 1410

    Group Sales

    For Corporate, Educational, Non-profit, and Specialty Sales please contact:

    Philip Lee, Publisher
    Orders: 206. 849. 1962